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Our Delta Children’s Museum, once again, is proud to present another exciting year of learning arts experiences for young and old. Our “Museum Without Walls” invites you and your entire family to join us for a year full of interesting and entertaining projects.

History of the Museum –

The Delta Children’s Museum began as a service project for the Greenville Junior Auxiliary in the late 70’s. The museum was spun off from the Junior Auxiliary and was incorporated as a non-profit “501 3 c” in 1977. Now in its 43rd year, it is known as a “Museum Without Walls.” The museum’s mission statement is “to provide to children of the Mississippi Delta, with a strong emphasis on the public schools, programs, exhibits, cultural arts events and hands-on learning experiences which will enhance their lives and the lives of their families.”

The “Museum Without Walls” concept was explained well by 1979 DCM President, James Anderson when he was asked “Where is the Museum?”
He replied “You’re standing in it. Like our ancient mentor Aristotle, we are peripatetic …wherever our feet take us that is where the museum is! The beauty of our organization is that without a home, without walls (which can be confining) our museum is where ever our project is at that point. We have set up our museum at Buster Brown, E. E. Bass, William Percy Library, Harty Park, the Wetherbee House, yes even the parking lot of the Greenville Mall. Where ever our projects are conducted, where ever we are standing when we talk with interested citizens, where ever we are when our works or actions carry forth our important work of educating children…that’s where the Delta Children’s Museum is located.”


The Delta Children’s Museum does not put their arts dollars into bricks and mortar. Due to the high cost of maintaining a museum building, staffing, insurance – the high overhead, the DCM has never considered acquiring a permanent building. The DCM is most proud of the fact that we have no administrative cost. All funds raised go directly into arts projects for our Delta children.

Ever mindful of the need for the arts in our area, the Delta Children’s Museum is made up of a thirty member board. Our board members are “one-person resource centers.” The DCM believe the best board is a “working board.” DCM presents four to five projects each year which are open to the public. The DCM believe in “strength through collaboration.” Always aware of the strength through collaboration DCM began to focus on joining forces with other arts groups on its projects such as the Greenville Arts Council.

Over the last 43 years, Delta Children’s Museum achievements have made a dramatic impact on the accessibility to the arts for the children of our community and for the entire Mississippi Delta. DCM welcomes anyone that would like to volunteer with the “Museum Without Walls.”


Please contact Dr. Lee Engel at 662-378-8645 for additional information
or reach us at P.O. Box 1194, Greenville, MS 38701.

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