What is the Delta Children’s Museum?

We are a non- profit civic organization dedicated to providing Mississippi Delta residents (primarily children – and adults when the occasion presents itself) with hands – on, participatory and visual learning experiences in the arts and sciences.

Where is the Museum?

You’re standing on it. Like our ancient mentor Aristotle, we are eripatetic…..wherever our feet take us that is where the museum is! The beauty of our organization is that without a home, without walls (which are confining) we have setup our at – Buster Brown, E. E. Bass, William Alexander Percy Library, Harty Park, yes even the parking lot of the Greenville Mall. Wherever our projects are conducted, wherever you are standing when you talk with interesting citizens, wherever you are when your works or actions carry forth our important work…. That is where the Dlta Children’s Museum is located.

How do I purchase a ticket for an event?

It is easy!  Just call the Greenville Arts council for a reservation at (662) 332-2246 or fax to (662) 332-9290.  Come along and join the excitiment in our “Museum Without Walls!”


Meet our Board of Directors!

Our Executive Board:  

Mrs. Jane Hall Stock, President; Mrs. Judy Long, 1st Vice President; Mrs. Margie McGee, 2nd Vice President; Mrs. Elizabeth Steele, 3rd Vice President; Mrs. Betty Coleman, Secretary; Mr. Dave Clarke, Treasurer; Dr. Lee Engel, Grant Coordinator; Mrs. J.J. Smith, Ex-Officio; Mrs. Mary Claire Glasco, 2018 Class Representative; Mrs. Laura Buchberger, 2019 Class Representative; Mrs. Laura Smith, 2020 Class Representative.  

Our Board of Directors:  

2018 Class:  Rayetta Serio, Judy Long, Dana Warrington, Mary Claire Glasco, Dave Clarke, Anna Holder, J.J. Smith, Jessica Jones, Hillary Boggs, Cuwanda Simmons

2019 Class:  Elisabeth Steele, Ashley Frazier, Laura Buchberger, Anne Bush, Aletha Scott Poole, Melissa Siebert, Betty Coleman, Mamie Causey, Margie McGee, Amy Lauren Maranto and Olivia Lipscomb

2020 Class:  Rebeka Caraway, Lee Engel, Melissa Cadenhead, Erin Sanders, Laura Smith, April Andrews, Jane Hall Stock, Jana Slay, Beth Flanagan, Lacy Bruton and Lauren Casavechia.